25 JUN 2020

Today we are doing a soft launch of our new PlantPredict Premium Paid subscription product.  All existing users will be grandfathered into a PlantPredict Premium Subscription that will expire on 8/1/2020.  So, you get a chance to experience PlantPredict Premium for a month for free.  Click here for more details:  https://plantpredict.com/plantpredict-premium/

In addition to PlantPredict Premium, we are also releasing our 3D Site View and topographical analysis feature into our MapBuilder tool.  This will allow you to review and interact with your MapBuilder layout in 3 dimensions.  This is incredibly helpful for identifying topology problems with your project site and planning for them accordingly.  Click here for more details:  https://plantpredict.com/3d-site-view/

Here is a full list of Bugs and Features we are deploying with release 8.6.0

Bug Fixes:

  • Update display of “Calculate DC Capacity” on MapBuilder to always available when criteria is met
  • Fix backend parameter output for ROWSPACING when modulesHigh changed
  • Links clicked when not signed in do not redirect once authenticated
  • Reference irradiance cannot be set below 400
  • Fix typo in “Submit registration” button
  • Company Admins can now see users within their company



  • Provide Free Trial PlantPredict User access to experience all the Premium Features of PlantPredict
  • Provided a ‘Current Subscription Details’ page so a subscriber can understand their current access and upgrade if desired.
  • Improved support for non-monthly PlantPredict subscriptions
  • Management of subscription expiration date, subscription will be automatically downgraded to a Free account upon expiration


UI and API:

  • Slim down of data downloads required at startup of application.  Certain data collections were quite large and impeded performance and impacted user experience.
  • Added backend DC current and voltage correction supporting CuRe modeling
  • For multi-year simulations, the time series is now carried through for the remaining years of simulation.
  • Added validation checking Timeseries data. Timeseries should be length of weather file or weather file + year repeater
  • Restrict ‘Free User’ access for Object Shading until they upgrade as ‘Premium User’



  • Restrict ‘Free User’ access for Upload or Download DEM data until they upgrade as ‘Premium User’
  • Restrict ‘Free User’ access for Parcel Layer until they upgrade as ‘Premium User’
  • SAVE of MAP data will now save all layer data to the server and retrieve the data upon re-entering the design.
  • 3D Site View has been added as a capability to MapBuilder. This option is restricted from ‘Free User’ access until they upgrade as ‘Premium User’
  • With ‘Premium User’ access, all layers supported by 3D Site View output are available (Slope Analysis, Slope Banding, Post Height Analysis, Survey)
  • Added support for Google Elevation Points supporting 3D Site View.  This option is restricted from ‘Free User’ access until they upgrade as ‘Premium User’