30 JUL 2020

Today we launched our Downloadable Layout Document, the PLP-1000, to our Map Builder tool.  This will allow PlantPredict Premium users to generate an engineering grade document that they can share with their project stakeholders and colleagues.

We also greatly enhanced our layout capabilities with the introduction of our Advanced Layout DC Design functionality, which now allows you to select arrays so that you can delete, duplicate or move the DC field around on your map.  Fill in tight areas of your boundary, or remove the arrays from the portion of the boundary that will not have solar.  Find these functions on the toolbar in the Map Builder.

Following up on our 3D Site View release last month, we also implemented a Cut/Fill Capability into the Map Builder Tool.  Flatten a portion of your site and find out how much dirt will need to be moved to do so.

Along with these major enhancements, we also fixed several bugs and implemented some other minor enhancements:

Bug Fixes

  • Cloning a Map Builder Prediction does not clone the Boundary, constraints or DC flood
  • .PPP files don’t import properly
  • Better handle accounts that are downgraded from Professional to Premium
  • Fix missing static files for NonProd and UAT
  • Batch iterations do not work via the UI (DC/AC ratio in combination with GCR iteration)
  • Time Series Downloads do not include details past 8760
  • When MapBuilder page is refreshed, many values return as ‘undefined’
  • Uploaded .TIF Data was not used in the 3D Site View as expected

UI and API:

  • Improve Time Series Upload Error Messages
  • Refactor Time Series to work faster with Multi-Year Predictions
  • Addition of new interface supping Cut/Fill Analysis outputs and calculations
  • Implement new Report Generation plan that has better performance


  • MAX SITE CAPACITY to update without need for invisible DC features
  • Reduce filtering of elevation points so they are closer together to better see the change in elevation when the survey layer is turned on
  • Introduction of several Premium user features:
    – Ability to download a PLP-1000 Layout diagram (PDF) from within the MapBuilder tool
    – Ability to do Cut/Fill Analysis using DEM, TIF, or Google elevation data
    – Single or multiple component selections
    – Cloning of selected DC tables, arrays, PCS
    – Delete selected DC components from the layout
    – Drag/Move/Snap DC components to desired locations
    – UNDO/REDO capabilities
  • Enhanced layer selection available to Premium users:
    – Parcels, Survey (Elevations), Earthwork (Cut/Fill), Slope Constraints, Slope Banding, Post Analysis