24 SEP 2020


  • Setback value in Constraints UI is not displaying in correct UoM for MapBuilder
  • Degradation issue for certain inverter operating regions
  • Typo on module import (Gamme Temperature Coefficient changed to ‘Gamma’)
  • PlantPredict Map Builder – Discrepancy in Buildable area leads to incorrect DC
  • Compare results excel download – missing electrical shading loss in loss factors section
  • 8760 Export not displaying Transmission Line losses
  • Fix UI Validation for Design Derate (The UI validation for Inverter Design Derate shows as “powerFactor”)
  • Update NSRDB API download request to use HTTPS
  • Cut Fill is not updating 3D Site View
  • Constraints imported from PlantDesign cannot have attributes edited in PlantPredict


  • Company Admin Improvements
  • Increase logging capabilities via a database change to increase ability to troubleshoot issues


  • Weather import can now handle larger files.  Storage container for weather files has been refactored
  • Added new value to DC field nodal data (GTeff_with_elec)
  • Align error messages from API re: PowerFactor with frontend “Design Derate” field labels
    When an error is thrown by the API for the fields labeled “Design Derate” in the UI, the API says there is an issue with ‘Power Factor’ (because that is the field name in the API).
    Resolved this difference by changing the field name from PowerFactor to DesignDerate in the API.
  • .Net SDK now supports non-expiring token
  • Added labels describing the DC specifications on subarrays when zoomed in
  • Ability to import KMZ Data and append it to my design (i.e. Constraints) so that it is easy to add constraints from KMZ data