16 DEC 2021

As we finish out 2021, we will be starting 2022 with a major version release of PlantPredict.  PlantPredict Version 9 is our first major release in over a year, so we are very excited to be making this upgrade, which also coincides with our transition to Terabase Energy.  Below is a summary of the changes that are being released as part of Version 9.0.0.  Please be aware that all new predictions will be run using V9 logic.  You can still run predictions using V8 logic, by setting the Version to 8 in the Prediction Screen prior to running the prediction.  This will allow you to compare the differences between results of V8 prediction logic compared toV9.

Diffuse IAM

A new calculation method for the calculation of the Diffuse IAM losses has been implemented. The model has been proposed and validated by Marion from NREL and been extended for the use of the tabular IAM values that are part of the module file. More background can be found in our algorithm section under Diffuse IAM Losses.

Diffuse IAM Loss Calculation

Expect IAM losses to be slightly reduced when running a prediction using V9 logic as compared to V8 (up to 0.6% for fixed tilt in areas of a high diffuse fraction) as the former logic was using the ASHRAE parametrization for the diffuse IAM losses.

.PPP Prediction File import into an existing Project

An Import Predictions button has been added to the Project screen that allows you to upload a .PPP file and have the predictions contained within that .PPP file added directly to the project that is open.  Historically, when uploading a .PPP file, PlantPredict would create a new project, resulting is potentially duplicated project folders.  That behavior still exists if you upload a .PPP file from the Project Library Screen, if needed.

Import Prediction

Weather File names are now editable

Users can now update the name of the weather files that they create and own.  The name will still default based upon the provider and Lat/Lon; however, if you want to provide a special name to a weather file that you own, you are able to easily over-ride the default name.

Degradation Rate on muti-year predictions will default from the degradation rate as defined on the Module File

The module defined degradation rate will be the default value when setting up a multi-year prediction.  The user is still able to over-ride this default if they so choose.  We also allow company administrators to change the default behavior, in the Company Defaults section, if they want to continue using a company wide fixed default degradation rate.

Most CleanPowerResearch Weather Files will no longer be available as Global Weather files

Due to a change in licensing terms, PlantPredict will no longer make certain CPR weather files available  as Global weather files to all users.  We are currently working with CPR to enhance our integration benefits for our PlantPredict Premium Subscribers who also have a SolarAnywhere subscription.  More to come on that in future release notes.  There will still be around 30 CPR weather files that are already considered SolarAnywhere Public weather files, which will still remain as Global Weather Files in PlantPredict.


  • Fixed holes in the mesh of the 3D Site view where elevation points were missing.