13 JAN 2021

PlantPredict Premium Subscribers can now download their MapBuilder Layouts as a CAD compatible file (Drawing Exchange Format -DXF File)


Opening your MapBuilder Layout in AutoCAD is as easy as a few button clicks now!  We have updated the Download Data feature in the MapBuilder screen, so that it now opens a modal window where you can choose to download your Layout as a .KMZ or .DXF file.  The .KMZ functionality still works as before; however, when you choose the .DXF format (and desired Output Coordinate System), you will get a .DXF file that can be opened in AutoCAD, Civil 3D or other .DXF compatible applications.
DXF Download


PlantPredict Premium Business and Enterprise Company Admins ONLY – New Company Level Defaults are available


For our PlantPredict Premium Business and Enterprise customers, standardizing predictions across your company will now be easier than ever!  Company Admins are now able to establish a default: Inverter, Module, Desired DC:AC Ratio, Design Derate, Mounting Type, Setback, N-S and E-W Road Widths, GCR and Azimuth.  Once the Company Defaults are established, all new predictions (both MapBuilder and BlockBuilder) will start with these default values.  This will save your Engineers time on every prediction they create and also enforce design standards at your company.

Company Defaults


Mark your Favorite Predictions as “Favorites” for easy Navigation

There is now the ability to indicate up to 5 Favorite Predictions to make them easily accessible from the left navigation pane of PlantPredict.  Click the star near the top of the Prediction to Mark it as your Favorite and then it will be listed under your Favorites on the left hand side


  • Copy and Paste did not work on the Spectral Loss column in the Environmental Conditions Screen.  Now it does.
  • Recent Predictions listing did not work properly for those with multiple accounts on the same computer.
  • Companies with a CPR API key were not able to use it, now they are.