27 JAN 2021

Release 9.2.0 is a relatively minor release for PlantPredict.  The team has some big ticket items we are working on and are not ready to be released yet, so look forward to these features that are in development:  Terabase Dev Platform integration and Slope Aware Predictions.

For this release we did some cleanup on the Company Administration screen.  We removed the buttons that were needed for the Consent process that we used when we were transitioning to Terabase.  We also worked on our payment processing functionality to address some issues that PlantPredict Premium subscribers had encountered when renewing their subscriptions, so the payment process will work a little smoother as a result of this release.

Thank you for your continued use of PlantPredict and if you have any trouble or suggestions for improvements, we are happy to hear from you at support@plantpredict.com!


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