09 FEB 2022

Slope Aware Map Builder Predictions

Our first version of Slope Aware capabilities is being rolled out as part of this release for PlantPredict Premium Subscribers ONLY.  When working with a Map Builder Prediction, you can turn ON the Advanced Slope Aware mode and PlantPredict will determine the prevailing grade of your arrays and utilize that to adjust your shading losses accordingly.

Slope Aware Predictions

Update Inverters and/or Modules when Cloning a Project

When cloning a Project, the wizard will now stop and ask you to review the Inverters and Modules that are used within the Predictions associated with the Project.  You are then given the option to change the Inverters and/or the Modules which will automatically update the DC Field records associated with all the Predictions in the Project.  This will make it easier and quicker than ever to understand how a wholesale change of either Inverter or Module will effect all the predictions in a Project.

Clone Project

Anderson Optimization KMZ can be imported directly into a Mapbuilder Prediction

PlantPredict Premium users who are also Anderson Optimization subscribers can take Boundary and Exclusion KMZ files from Anderson Optimization and import them directly into PlantPredict.  This will streamline the integration between these two industry leading cloud based software.

Anderson Optimization Import


  • Updated many of the references to First Solar and replaced them with PlantPredict by Terabase
  • Updated the Locality Bug that users were facing where PlantPredict could not determine a country for a location
  • We did a Module and Inverter Refresh and Cleanup.  Several newer Modules have been promoted to Global Status and several Older Module and Inverter files have been set to Global Retired.
  • Enabled 2D Shading for Version 8 and Version 9 Predictions when your DC Field has a slope.  There was formerly a validation that prevented this from being possible.  The 2D Slope Shading logic is the same as PlantPredict V7.