24 FEB 2022

Multi-Variate Charting

On the Prediction Results Screen, you are now able to view Chart Data for two Variables at the same time on the same chart.  This increases your analytical ability when reviewing your Prediction Results.  Place a checkmark in 2 of the available Variables to Display and those variables will appear in the chart window.  This works for all time increments

Multi-Variate Charting




  • Cleaned up several labels where the Unit was not defined or the Unit was technically not correct
  • When Cloning a Project that has Map Builder Predictions, the Boundary and Constraints on the Maps properly get cloned
  • When switching from Simple to Advanced Slope Aware mode, the Layout does not clear anymore
  • The “How Likely are you to recommend?” slider no longer appears…this survey has been discontinued.
  • Modules High and Modules wide were not defaulting correctly on Map Builder predictions, but this has now been fixed.
  • New MapBuilder Predictions were not using the Company Level Default values on the first DC Flood.  This has been fixed.