03 MAR 2022

Prediction Comparison Charting

When doing a Prediction Comparison, you can now compare multiple predictions using the chart interface.  Simply initiate the Prediction Comparison, and then you will see a tab that is labeled Charts and when you go to this tab you can compare the key performance indicators of those predictions.

Comparison Chart


Inverter Limitation Loss Charting

We are planning to add Loss Factors to our charts (for PlantPredict Premium Subscribers ONLY)and we are starting with Inverter Limitation Loss as our first Loss factor.  So, you can see when your inverters are working sub optimally and also visualize the clipping that is occurring in your power plant.

Inverter Limitation Loss


Other Minor Enhancements

    • Downloaded Weather Files automatically appear as the Selected Weather File when imitating the weather file download from inside a prediction.  This is a minor change that will save you time each time you want to download a new weather file for your prediction.
    • Latitude and Longitude Values now appear as decimal values on the Project Screen.  We have received feedback that the minute level format for Lat/Lon was not helpful, so we changed to Decimal format only when displaying Lat/Lon.
    • You can now initiate a Prediction Clone from within the Prediction Screen.  You used to need to navigate to the Project Screen and then clone the Prediction that you wanted to clone.  That was a couple extra mouse clicks, so we added a Clone link to the top of the Prediction to make this process a little easier.
    • You can now create a Constraint Shape from a Parcel with a click of a mouse button.  Historically, you could only create a Site Boundary, but now the option exists to also create a constraint.  This is handy if you are evaluating multiple parcels in an area and you want an easy way to turn on/off certain parcels.
    • Terrain Slope constraint analysis now supports support values up to 30%.  We used to limit this to 20%, but we received feedback that users would like to evaluate slopes even greater than 20%.



  • Users without Company Level Default Road Widths were not able to create Block Builder Predictions because of an error.  We have resolved this.
  • Project/Prediction File imports (.PPP Files) that included Non-Global modules or inverters were failing.  This has also been resolved.