24 MAR 2022

Transmission Lines, Substations and Pipelines Now Available to PlantPredict Premium users as Map Layers in Map Builder Predictions

PlantPredict Premium users now have more Map Overlays available in the Map Builder Prediction Screen.  Transmission Lines, Substations, Oil Pipelines and Natural Gas Pipelines are now available as Map Overlays.  When creating a Map Builder Prediction, simply click on the Map Overlays screen and click the check box next to one of these new Map Overlays to see the data for your location.  There is also a legend so that you know what the colors mean for these objects.

Map Overlay Layers

In addition to being able to see these new Map Overlays, you can also click on them to get more information about them and even automatically create constraints on your site.

Create Constraints


More Loss Factors Available in Charting

Last Sprint we added Inverter Limitation Loss.  This Sprint we have expanded upon that and added Near Shading Loss, Module Irradiance Loss, Module Temperature Loss, Inverter Efficiency Loss and Spectral Loss to the Charting Feature in the Prediction Results screen.  These Loss Factors are also only for PlantPredict Premium Users.  If you are not currently a PlantPredict Premium Subscriber, and are interested in trying out these Premium features, reach out to support@plantpredict.com and request a Free Trial License Today!

More Loss Factors Available in Charting


  • Fixed some bugs related to .PAN File import when importing a CdTe Module .PAN File