07 APR 2022

A fresh Meteonorm weather file is now automatically downloaded for your Project Location when you create a Project in PlantPredict or the Terabase Dev Platform

In order to ensure that there is always at least one weather file available for your Predictions, we are automatically downloading a new Meteonorm weather file in the background when you create a new project in PlantPredict.  Some of our Meteonorm weather files are a little dated, so this will also ensure that you have the latest Meteonorm data ready and available to use for your predictions.


Make sure to look for the Meteonorm weather file with the current date to use the fresh weather file for your Project.

Updated Integration with Clean Power Research’s SolarAnywhere TGY Unlimited API

Clean Power Research has updated their API integration to a single API Key, which simplifies setup.  Furthermore, Clean Power Research now offers their SolarAnywhere TGY Unlimited subscribers the ability to automatically generate an API key, and then use that API key in PlantPredict.  When an API key is setup for CPR, you can use the 1-Click Weather Download feature to automatically download up to 200 weather files per year for your company.  This capability is only available PlantPredict Premium subscribers, and you must be a Company Admin in order to update your CPR API Key.  If you would like more information on how to Subscribe to PlantPredict Premium, or how to setup your SolarAnywhere API Key, please contact support@plantpredict and we will gladly help you!

PlantPredict Premium Administrators can insert a SolarAnywhere API Key into the Company Default Setting Screen


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