Simulation Settings

Simulation Settings

The parameters available in the Simulation Settings for your prediction allow you to easily change modeling logic to understand different situations and scenarios with the click of your mouse.  The choices available in the Simulation Settings of PlantPredict are consistent with the options that are available in other industry solar modeling software.

PlantPredict has advanced options such as Spectral Modeling and Multi-Year Degradation.

The Model Choices menu allows you to confirm or change many different aspects of your prediction. You access it here on the main prediction creation screen.

This is the Model choices screen. Working from top to bottom, you can:

                                  • View and/or change the prediction window
                                  • View the prediction’s uncertainty analysis
                                  • View and/or change model choices
                                  • Specify how many years you want the prediction to run for and what type of degradation desired

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