Time Series

Time Series Data

The PlantPredict Expanded Time Series capabilities allow uses to specify exact values at every time step of the weather file for up to 5 different parameters – Inverter Set Point, Inverter Derate, LGIA Limitation, Module Surface Temperature, and Tracking Angle. This allows for unparalleled prediction control and execution.


To access the Expanded Time Series library, choose the ‘Time Series Data’ from the main prediction screen.


Note that a weather file needs to be applied to the prediction first, because each expanded time series will have the exact same number of indexes as the weather file, and if the weather file is changed, the time series library will be invalid and have to be re-populated.

This is the time series library. Here you can view, edit, upload, or delete different time series. For the first time using the feature, click ‘Download Template’

This is a blank template. It includes all available time series options. You can either delete the columns you don’t need or you can add further columns, if you need more than one time series for a given parameter.

Here is a filled out template with one time series for every parameter.

Here is the time series library after the excel template has been uploaded. In this example, we have one for every parameter. After populating the time series library, you can then go throughout the prediction and apply them where desired.

Here you can apply the inverter set point or derate time series.

Here you can apply the tracking angle time series.

Here you can apply the module surface temperature time series.

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