Exporting and Importing

PlantPredict gives users the ability to both export and import files from the PlantPredict module, inverter, weather, and project libraries. Both processes are covered here.


Files may be exported from the PlantPredict library – projects and predictions export as .ppp files, modules as .ppm files, inverters as .ppi files, and weather files as .xlsx files.

Exported weather files can be edited as an .xlsx file before being re-imported. Module, inverter, and project files can be edited in a text editor like Notepad or once re-imported back into PlantPredict.



Files may be imported to the PlantPredict library – imported projects and predictions must .ppp files, modules must be .ppm files, inverters must be .ppi files, and weather files must be .xlsx files.


Importing Files from PVSyst

Module and inverter files can be imported into PlantPredict from PVSyst, making it easy to transfer assets and projects.


  1. Using PVSyst, open up the desired module. Click on, “Copy to Clipboard”.


2. Log into PlantPredict. Enter the module library. Click on “Import Module”. In the field under “PVsyst Clipboard Pasate Method”, right click and select “paste” or click the mouse in the field and press ctrl+v.


3. Fill in any fields that were not automatically filled in (most should be). Two fields that are oftentimes not filled in are “Saturation Current At STC” and “Linear Temp. Dependence of Gamma”.


Both of these fields can be found in the .pan file in PVsyst. The “Saturation Current At STC” can be found on tab Model Parameters -> Rshunt Rserie -> “Diode Satur. Current IoRef”. In the example below it is 0.021nA and would be input as 0.021e-9.


The “Linear Temp Dependence of Gamma” can be found on tab Model Parameters -> Temper. Coeff. -> “Gamma temp. coeff”. To input this value into PlantPredict, you first need divide it by the Diode Ideality Factor (or as PVsyst calls it, the Diode quality factor). This value can be found on same tab as the “Saturation Current At STC” above.


In this example, the Linear Temp Dependence of Gamma is -0.055/0.97 = -0.056701.



Importing an inverter .ond file from PVsyst is a similar process to importing a module file above.

  1. Open the desired file in PVsyst. Click “Copy to clipboard”
  2. In PlantPredict, navigate to the inverter library. Click “Import” in the top right. Paste the copied material in the field titled “PVsyst Clipboard Paste Method”.
  3. All fields should be filled in – verify all information is correct and continue with import.