Weather Vendor API Access Guide

In order to enable truly seamless end-to-end utility-scale PV modeling, PlantPredict allows its users to access weather data from 3rd-party weather vendors.

Below are links to our weather vendor partners. Users can purchase a license and integrate it directly into PlantPredict, so that you and your colleagues can access high-quality 3rd-party weather data without leaving the PlantPredict web page. We currently offer the below two options, but are actively working with more weather vendors around the world to provide a thorough catalog of weather data for our users.

When you speak with the vendor, remember to mention that you intend to use your API key in PlantPredict.

Step 1: Navigate to Account Manager (you must be Account Admin for your company to view this page)


Step 2: Navigate to Default Settings


Step 3: Navigate to Weather Vendors



Step 4: Input Weather Vendor API Key(s)


Step 5: Save Default Settings