Generating a Module File from Basic Data

If the user wishes to create a new module file from a standard module datasheet or similar data source, the “Enter Basic Data” input option is recommended. Click here for an example of a standard module datasheet.

Click “Add New Module”, and then select “Enter Basic Data” when the modal appears.


Fill in the “General Characteristics”, “Electrical Data at STC” and “Temperature Coeffs. (coefficients)” sections. (It is highly recommended to use the “1-diode” model type for crystalline-Silicon modules, and the “1-diode Recombination” model type for Cadmium-Telluride modules.) This will automatically trigger the module file generator.


The initial set of 1-diode parameters, the model-calculated performance characteristics at STC, and corresponding I-V curve will be generated according to algorithmic defaults. Learn more about PlantPredict’s default module file generator algorithm HERE. If satisfied with the default assumptions and resulting 1-diode parameters, click “Generate Module”.



Fill in the necessary module metadata and click “Save Module”.