Prediction Results

On-Screen Reporting

Plant Summary

The prediction summary depicts a P50 first year energy estimate corresponding to the modeled power plant. This summary also includes system characteristics, simulation settings, first year results, loss factors, environmental conditions and components.

Block Summary

The block summary depicts information synonymous to the plant summary, but at the block level. This view can often be very useful when it is desired to understand the performance differences between blocks.

Downloadable Reports

There are four main downloadable reports available in the application. For advanced users, there is also a detailed nodal data option where the 8760 data for each component (DC Field, Inverter, Array, Block) can be downloaded.

    Plant Summary – This report is a single page PDF summarizing the plant output for the first year. Often used for client engagement.

    Plant Summary 8760 – This report is includes all the plant summary along with the first year 8760 energy in an Excel format. Often used for financial modeling.

    Inputs & Assumptions – This report is a PDF document which include all of the field settings used to create the prediction. Often used for contracts to maintain a hard copy of the simulation settings along with all the components.

    Block Summary 8760 – This report is an Excel file which include all of the summary data and 8760 data for each block.

HELP VIDEO Downloadable Reports

Improved Nodal Data Experience

There are now multiple ways to obtain nodal data in PlantPredict.

Method 1 – Specify nodal options before prediction run

Before the prediction run, click on “Options” to specify what nodal data you would like to run with the prediction. Whichever section you choose will be included with the prediction.


Method 2 –┬áSpecify nodal options after a prediction has already been run

After the prediction has been run, the user can specify nodal data to include with the prediction. Note that the prediction will have to be rerun in order to obtain the nodal data.