Downloadable Reports

There are four main downloadable reports available in the application. For advanced users, there is also a detailed nodal data option where the 8760 data for each component (DC Field, Inverter, Array, Block) can be downloaded.

    Plant Summary – This report is a single page PDF summarizing the plant output for the first year. Often used for client engagement.

    Plant Summary 8760 – This report is includes all the plant summary along with the first year 8760 energy in an Excel format. Often used for financial modeling.

    Inputs & Assumptions – This report is a PDF document which include all of the field settings used to create the prediction. Often used for contracts to maintain a hard copy of the simulation settings along with all the components.

    Block Summary 8760 – This report is an Excel file which include all of the summary data and 8760 data for each block.

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