Batch Predictions

Building a Batch of prediction variations – or just a “Batch” prediction – allows the user to runĀ up to 350 predictions with a single click of the button by defining basic prediction inputs and varying up to two variables. This is extremely useful because it displays graphically the exact combination of parameters that gives a prediction the highest energy yield.


How To Create a Batch Prediction

  1. After creating a project, click “New Prediction”
  2. Choose the option for a “Batch prediction”


3. This brings up the Batch Prediction parameter page. On the left half of the screen, the user can fill in weather, module, and inverter data. Additionally, parameters such as max capacity, tilt angle, and azimuth can be populated.

On the right half of the screen, four variables are listed. These are the variables that can be chosen to be iterated from a start value to a finish value by a user-defined step. For example, Azimuth can be defined as moving from 100 degrees to 200 degrees in steps of 10 degrees. Currently, you can only choose up to two variables to vary.


4. After all parameters are defined, click “Run Prediction” in the top right. PlantPredict will then start to run a prediction for each iteration defined in the Batch prediction. The calculation can take a few minutes because of the large number or predictions being run.


5. The result of a Batch Prediction is twofold – first, a graphical heat map of predictions, where the z-axis consists of energy produced, and the x- and y-axis consist of the chosen variables to iterate. Second, the full list of predictions run in the Batch Prediction along the right side of the results screen. By default, these are sorted in descending order based on energy produced, so the highest-yield prediction is listed first. To create a single block builder prediction with any of the predictions along the right side of the results page, simply click “clone” next to the desired prediction.


6. Finally, the results of a Batch Prediction can be exported but clicking the “Export” button in the top right. Keep in mind that the exported results will include all child predictions from within a Batch Prediction.