Add an array by clicking Add an Array (+) which enables the array tab.

The array number can be defined along with the array repeat count to show the quantity of a particular type of array contained in a block. Additionally the medium voltage transformer characteristics are associated with the array.

Any additional arrays, with different attributes, can be added by clicking Add Another (+).

If details of a particular array needs to be reviewed or changed, clicking the tree-view displays a list of all arrays associated with the respective block providing convenient navigation between arrays.

Key Terms

Array A collection of Inverters that share a MV transformer

Change preassigned array number from 1-100

HowMany Allows a single array to be repeated multiple times within a block. Helps to reduce nodal data storage and speed up prediction run time.


Transformer characteristics are added via the array tab and comprised of kVA rating, high side voltage, no-load loss and full-load loss.

There is a checkbox, for convenience, to match the total kVA of the inverters behind the respective transformer. Often, the transformer size is not determined until much later in the project phase so this feature allows a convenient way to pick a nominal size.

Key Terms

MatchTotalInverter Sets transformer rating to the total of the kVA ratings of all of the inverters included in that Array.


The electrical section of the array allows the user to account for AC wiring losses, data acquisition and auxiliary losses and shelter cooling losses.

Key Terms

ACCollection Meant to account for ohmic losses in the AC wiring between the Array and the Block.

Meant to account for parasitic losses due to the data acquisition system. Can also be used for general time-constant parasitic loss accounting.

HowMany Meant to account for HVAC or other cooling losses associated with sheltered inverters. Can also be used for general time-constant parasitic loss accounting.