Bifacial Modules

*There is a general shortage of utility-scale field validation of bifacial prediction models in industry and this model is no different. Unlike the core monofacial PlantPredict models, this new bifacial performance model has not been validated and benchmarked at scale against measured data.

Module File

The module tiles will now display facility of the module


Within the module file, the user can define 1) Faciality, and if the module is bifacial, 2) Bifaciality Factor and 3) Transmission Factor

The “backside mismatch” loss can be defined in the Modeling Defaults section of the module file


Company Defaults

The “Bifacial Structure Shading” loss can be defined in the company defaults.


Power Plant Builder

Choosing a bifacial module…

Bifacial losses in the DC field. Note these are not present if a mono-facial module is present.



Bifacial loss factors in the results section.

Indication of bifacial module.

Bifacial module losses in block section of results.


Comparing Predictions

Bifacial loss factors using the “Compare Predictions” function