The build on the Map functionality now includes the ability to add layers to your plant.

Selecting and deselecting the checkbox next to the appropriate layer will turn it on or off on the map. The expanded section opened by clicking the plus sign will provide a legend outlining the layer that is displayed:



A new feature to the “Build on the Map” functionality includes the ability to select a parcel layer. A Parcel layer can be selected to provide more information on the area selected:



Constraints provide the ability to better model the DC field by allowing a user to include various objects created by the user. Constraints can be toggled on and off from the “Layers” menu.


Linear constraints can be created by selecting the “Create Linear Constraint” option on the right of the screen. A linear constraint allows the user to draw a straight line on the map


Area constraints are created in the same way as linear, only the user is able to draw the constraint using the polygon drawing tool



In order to better organize the constraints created, the option to name the constraints and change their color can be access by selecting the constraint. The setback for each constraint can also be modified from this view



Wetlands-vectors can be toggled from the “Layers” section with the added functionality of creating a constraint straight from the selected object on the map