Site Boundary

Add a site either by clicking Create Site Boundary in the upper right of the map or by clicking Upload KMZ above and to the left of the map.  Once created, shape the site to match your specifications by clicking and dragging the points on the Site Boundary.  If needed, click and hold to move the site relative to the map.

Following the improvements made to the “Build on the Map” functionality, a boundary can now be drawn rather than simply creating a boundary and resizing it. Clicking the “Draw Site Boundary” icon will allow a drawing tool to be used to create a more fluid shape for more complex site boundaries.

Constraints can be added, both linear and area, in order to better model environmental factors when creating a site prediction. More can be found on adding constraints in the respective section found further in the documentation.

The measuring tool can be used to measure an area without creating a boundary in order to better understand the distances or sizes of objects before placing a plant.

The outer line of the site boundary defines the total Buildable Area.  The inner line defines the setback distance between the boundary and the edge of the outermost DC tables.  The area within the inner line is the Array Area.  The difference between the Buildable Area and the Array Area can be controlled by changing the Setback value.

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