Simulation Settings

The final section before running the prediction defines the Model Choices for use in the prediction. Here, a timeframe that matches the chosen weather file can be selected if the user decides to run the prediction for a shorter timeframe than the default.

The Uncertainty Analysis menu and Advanced Model choices are viewable by clicking their respective dropdowns. Up to 4 alternative P-value results can be included in the uncertainty analysis of the prediction.

HELP VIDEO Simulation Settings

Uncertainty Analysis

The error analysis menu allows for the selection of multiple P-values or entry of a custom P-value to be displayed. A single custom uncertainty setting can be entered if you desire to override the application defaults.

Advanced Model Choices

The advanced model choice menu allows for selection of additional models such as direct -shading and diffuse shading models. Available options are depicted in their respective drop downs. There are also additional toggles to disable spectral and soiling.