Project Manager

Project Dashboard

The dashboard contains a list of all projects within your company. The default list view displays only projects owned by the user currently logged in.

Projects exist in one of two states: Active or Archived with active projects being listed in the default view.

The essence of a project is to define the PV system’s location and act as a filing system for all the predictions associated with its energy analysis. Projects can also be displayed in a map view.

Project Dashboard Overview

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Key Terms

Map Redirects the user to a map view with the selected project centered in the window. All other nearby projects will be displayed as well.
CloneCloning a project will copy the project along with all of its associated predictions. All predictions will revert to Draft-Private.
Export Exports the project into a CSV format as well as all associated predictions.
Delete Deletes the project as well as all associated predictions.

Creating Projects

Creating a new project can be done by using the (+) New Asset in the application header bar or by clicking Create New Project from the project dashboard view.

A new screen will appear where you can define your project details.

The project location can be selected by dragging a pin on the Map, entering the locality, or by defining the exact latitude and longitude.

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Change Status

Project Change Status

Changing a project status can be done by using the Change Status link displayed below the project name.

This will open a change status dialog screen where you can select and review files you want to change, select the desired status, including any change notes, and confirm the change(s).

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Status Labels

Indicates a project that is currently relevant and exposed in the default list view

Indicates a project that is no longer relevant to the business and is not exposed in the default list view.

Error Messaging

  • Notice: Used to alert users to maintenance events and simulation running statuses which are located at the top of the application.

  • Error: Used to indicate an improper action that requires correction to proceed.

  • Warning: Used to indicate a situation where the user may want to reconsider an action.

Project Screen

Within the project screen, all of the predictions associated with that project are displayed along with any notes and a change log.

The prediction list allows you to quickly see a summary view of each prediction as well as compare up to six predictions from this screen.

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Key Terms

Notes Free form field to store short messages relevant to the project

Creating Predictions

A Prediction can be created by selecting a particular Project from the Project dashboard.

Once selected, a new screen will appear showing all past predictions associated with that Project with a summary of locality-specific information in addition to last modified users, and notes.

To create a new prediction, select the Create New Prediction button, which will display a new screen where further inputs can be entered to run a Prediction.

NOTE: all fields require input and completion before running a new prediction.

HELP VIDEO Creating Predictions

Key Terms

Notes Free form field to store short messages relevant to the project

Prediction Statuses

Predictions can exist in 1 of 9 states, designed to help organize the many predictions within a project. In order to export the results of a prediction, the prediction must be in a read-only state. This is a safety measure to ensure there will also be a digital record of results exported from the application. As another safety measure, a user at the User level cannot move a prediction to the Contract, As-Built, and Archived. A Manager or Admin is required to move them to those state.

  This is a read/write state which is only visible to the user who created the prediction. Admins and Managers of the Company can see user’s Draft-Private prediction(s) in case they need to reassign work.
  This is a read/write state which is visible to all users within a company, offering the ability to collaborate on predictions.
  This read-only state is intended to be the most generic, indicating only that the prediction was run for analysis purposes.
  This read-only state designates that the prediction has be used in a bid submission.
  This is one of the most important read-only states, indicating that the prediction was used in a contract. This status can only be denoted by an admin and is pinned to the top of the prediction list at all times.
  This read-only state indicates that a plant is in the construction phase and the development prediction is intended to validate that the as-built design is meeting the contractual expectations.
  This second most important read-only state indicates that a prediction is intended to match the final as-built power plant deployed in the field. This prediction, which is typically slightly different than the contract prediction, is also pinned to the top of the prediction list at all times.
  This read-only state indicates that a prediction is intended for warranty analysis.
  This read-only state is designed to allow the user some ability to clean up previous predictions that are no longer relevant for the display in the main view.