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PlantPredict is Terabase Energy’s flagship solar design software for large-scale solar projects, with a growing list of professional tools (Design Pro, Terrain Pro, and Voltage Pro) available for PlantPredict Pro and Enterprise level subscribers.

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Reduce uncertainty with advanced modeling algorithms & easy to use features

  • Suite of tools in an intuitive cloud-based interface
  • Sub-hourly interval flexibility (1min, 15min, 30min)
  • Ability to run multi-year predictions
  • Unlimited Inverter efficiency and thermal curve points
  • SDK & API integration ready for automated batch processing
  • Cloning feature and nested plant hierarchy builder
  • Spectral correction a ±4% effect
  • Non-linear module temperature coefficient definition

Batch predictions, comprehensive reports and & bankable results

  • All algorithm documentation 100% open source for industry transparency
  • Technical merits independently reviewed by Black and Veatch, Leidos, and DNV GL. Report available upon request.
  • Similar results to other leading industry software products. On average PlantPredict over predicted energy by 0.13% ±0.52%
  • 21 sites and over 1 GW of operational data benchmarked. PlantPredict under predicted by -0.41% ±2.01% (1σ)

PlantPredict Pro Tools: Design Pro

The most efficient way to design & optimize large scale PV power plants

  • Design Pro enhances project development via GIS-enabled site assessment, design, and optimization
  • Optimized 3D project design offers automated energy prediction, BoQ, EPC cost and LCOE outputs
  • Provides document and information management capability to facilitate project collaboration among key stakeholders
  • Sophisticated solar modeling & predictions powered by PlantPredict

PlantPredict Pro Tools: Terrain Pro

Earthwork assessment for challenging terrains and terrain-following trackers

  • Terrain Pro brings simplification and speed to earthwork assessment, reducing project costs and risks
  • Streamlines permitting process with early, accurate earthwork data
  • Decreases engineering hours 40x, increasing productivity of civil engineering teams
  • Quantifies earthwork requirements for standard vs terrain-following trackers, with multiple pier reveal window options
  • Detailed and precise outputs can be used for engineering and construction

PlantPredict Pro Tools: Voltage Pro

Maximize string length to reduce project LCOE

  • Voltage Pro offers a computational method for maximizing string lengths and reducing costs
  • Uses PlantPredict to simulate multi-year project conditions for more accurate system voltage analysis
  • 1-click download of time-series weather data from multiple top-tier providers
  • Upload PAN & PPM files or select modules from database
  • Automates calculations of weather-related safety factors

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