PlantPredict Premium


PlantPredict Premium is a fast, easy-to-use, and sophisticated solar energy modeling software designed to create optimized and accurate energy estimates specifically for utility-scale solar PV applications.

  • PlantPredict Premium, with monthly subscription business model, will support the development of exciting new and enhanced features across all available technologies, for optimized energy predictions and maximized return on investment.
  • It offers the ease of use and advanced functionality to optimize your utility-scale energy predictions, and ultimately your return on investment (ROI).

Below is a table that shows the pricing and difference between the plans:

Basic Premium
Individual Business Enterprise Education
Monthly cost/ Annual (discounted) Price  $0 / $0 $100 / $1000 $250 / $2500 email
for details
for details
Number of user licenses 1 1 3 3 or more 3 or more
# of API predictions N/A N/A Available Available email
for details
Admin capabilities & company defaults N/A N/A
Add custom modules, inverters & weather files N/A
Time series data N/A
Energy storage systems N/A
Batch predictions N/A
Object shading N/A
Direct weather download, sub-hourly weather data N/A
NEW! 3D site view (enhanced topographical & cut/fill analysis) N/A
NEW! Downloadable layout drawing N/A

PlantPredict has always been free, and we plan to continue offering a free version (Basic) for those who want to experience how easy energy predictions can be. Below is a list of features available in the Basic version of PlantPredict along with some of the features that will be coming soon!

  • Utility-scale energy predictions
  • Global module inverter & weather files
  • Layout capabilities with map builder tool
  • Downloadable reports & 8760 files
  • Multi-year energy predictions & DC degradation
  • Simulation settings
  • Non-linear temperature coefficient
  • Cloud-based sharing
  • Sloped terrain shading model
  • Substation, transmission and interconnection editor
  • Spectral & bifacial modeling
    Indicative bill of material
    Indicative cost and financial modeling
    Advanced battery dispatch w/ time-of-day pricing
    Site control database


Subscribe today by clicking the Subscription link inside the application to take advantage of these exciting features!